Where to stay in Hong Kong: 9 options from 35$

Hong Kong hotels – which is the best to choose and in which area to book (+ tips and recommendations)

Hong Kong Hotels

I finally wrote an article about the best hotels in Hong Kong with good guest reviews and high ratings, such as the Intercontinental with the best view of Victoria Bay and the inexpensive Hotel Sav with decent rooms. When I was planning to go to Hong Kong, it was important for me to decide where best to stay for a few days, either in the center or near the airport. While I was choosing an area for accommodation, I gathered a ton of useful information about overnighting options in Hong Kong to help independent travelers, and I’m ready to share it with you. I’ll tell you about the best value for money, cheap and expensive hotels in Kowloon, Hong Kong and Lantau Islands, which area is best for overnight stays, and where to book lodging on your own. I’ll advise you which 3, 4, and 5-star hotels in Hong Kong with clean, comfortable rooms are best, so that you can easily sightsee, and the size of the rooms won’t be a surprise (especially if you’re travelling with kids). At the same time, make sure you’re close to the subway and that you can easily get to the airport by bus.

Which Hong Kong hotels to choose?

Hong Kong Hotels

Hong Kong is a vast metropolis of over 7 million people and Asia’s main financial center, set on a small stretch of land wedged between mountains on the harbour and made up almost entirely of tall skyscrapers. It is a semi-autonomous region of China and a major transportation hub. Many tourists fly from Europe to Asia and back via Hong Kong airport. We did it ourselves. The best place to stay near the airport is the Regal Airport Hotel.

Hong Kong is an ideal place for gourmets, fashionistas, and city travelers coming to see the city of skyscrapers, as well as an ideal place for people who are in Hong Kong for business matters or conferences.

Hotels in Hong Kong are mainly located in tall buildings and luxury skyscrapers on the top floors. Therefore, the rooms offer spectacular panoramic views and you can feel on the roof of the world. The tallest hotel in the world, the five-star Ritz-Carlton, is located in Hong Kong. It is located on the upper floors of the International Business Centre – the highest skyscraper in Hong Kong (484 m).

Since Hong Kong is not a cheap city, hotel prices here are even higher than in the hotels in downtown New York. The average room rate in a good hotel in Hong Kong is 150-300 U.S. dollars. This is due to the fact that the cost of land here is one of the highest in the world, so all of Hong Kong tends to rise.

Hong Kong's Tallest Hotel

The top floors of this skyscraper are occupied by the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Just imagine what a luxurious view opens from the window of the room!

But if your travel budget is limited or if you prefer in principle not to spend extra money, I suggest a decent inexpensive hotel in Hong Kong with the price for a room under $100 – Grand View with a rooftop pool, located near the subway. Or check out current Hong Kong hotel discounts and specials for the dates you want on Bookings.

Going to Hong Kong on your own: how to plan a trip

Hong Kong hotels

Important to know:

  • There are only over 500 lodging options in Hong Kong, but because of the high demand, there aren’t exactly cheap hotels like in Bangkok.
  • So tourists still have to pay quite a lot of money for an overnight stay in inexpensive hotels in the center. For example, a small but cozy room in the Sleep In Hotel, located next to the subway in the district of Tsim Sha Tsui, costs $61.
  • Comfortable suites in the best 4 and 5 star hotels in Hong Kong can not afford everyone. Thus, a day in the luxurious hotel Peninsula, which has the world’s largest fleet of Rolls-Royce limousines for guests, will cost at least $ 600 . However, there are pleasant exceptions – the five-star hotel Crowne Plaza with rooms for $150, located in the Kowloon area right above the subway station.
  • And there are still some pretty exotic lodging options, such as the designer capsule Sleeep Hotel on Hong Kong Island, which has an hourly rate.

Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong

Features of hotels in Hong Kong

  • Due to the lack of convenient land in Hong Kong, tall skyscrapers are built that house not only the offices of large international companies, but also many hotels and apartments.
  • Since there are almost no free parking spaces here, hotel guests have to use public transport (Metro, buses and cabs). Since you will have to travel in any case, when choosing a hotel be sure to check how close it is to the subway station and where the nearest bus stop to the airport is.

Hong Kong Subway

Hong Kong Metro Map

Hong Kong Sav Hotels

Sav Hotel Room

Which neighborhood to choose in Hong Kong?

Which neighborhood to choose?

Choosing the right neighborhood in Hong Kong is just as important as making the right choice in Bangkok. Do it according to your interests so you don’t have to travel too far to your hotel from the center to the outskirts of the city, but rather live comfortably in a cosy room with a nice view and safe surroundings. Especially if you do not have a lot of time between flights, and your plan is to see Hong Kong, and you want to relax too.

The first thing to decide is in which area of Hong Kong would be best for you to stay for a few days. But first decide what suits you best: Lantau Island (where Hong Kong’s airport is located), Kowloon Peninsula with its main attractions, or the business center, which is on Hong Kong Island. The further choice of a suitable hotel depends on this, so you can drive less around the city.

Hong Kong hotels on Lantau Island

Regal Hotel on Lantau Island

Hotels on Lantau

If you’re only transiting Hong Kong for 1 day, and you have a late arrival or early departure, it’s best to choose a hotel near Cheeklapkok Airport here . Right at the airport I recommend the Regal Hotel .

For travelers with children who want to visit Disneyland Hong Kong, my advice is to stay at a hotel on Lantau Island right next to the theme park, such as Disney’s Hollywood . As a bonus you can also take a ride on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car and see the statue of the Big Buddha at the top of the hill. See all the hotels near Disneyland on Lantau Island here .

Disney Hong Kong hotels

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

Kowloon Hotels

The most attractive part in Hong Kong for tourists is on the Kowloon Peninsula (or Jiulong, the 九龙, Kowloon). It’s located along the Victoria Bay waterfront, which offers some of the best views of downtown Hong Kong on the opposite shore. Kowloon has several subway stations and frequent bus routes. It’s the easiest place to get from there for sightseeing, and there are plenty of places to stroll and shop.

For first-time visitors to Hong Kong, I recommend Kowloon and a hotel near the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. It is literally the center of everything in Hong Kong, its heart, so there are a lot of hotels of different categories, for all tastes and pockets. Check out our hotel rooms and discounted prices on Bookings (link).

Hong Kong Kowloon

Hong Kong’s Boutiques & Shops Alley

We started in historic Hong Kong with Tsim Sha Tsui and loved it when we took a bus from the airport. There are many different stores and boutiques with brand name clothes, good restaurants and cafes with street food, interesting museums, beautiful parks and gardens. There’s also the pier where the Star Ferry departs for Hong Kong Island, as well as the Alley of Stars and the train station.

  • The coolest and most expensive hotel in Hong Kong is the luxurious Peninsula Hotel, which offers the best view of the harbor.
  • Stay for less at the Salisbury, which has a great view of the skyscrapers laser show that goes on every night, or the Intercontinental, which is on the waterfront and has the best view of the fireworks display from its restaurant.

Hong Kong Intercontinental Hotels

For travelers on a limited budget I recommend Hotel Sav – the best inexpensive hotel almost in the center of Hong Kong (Kowloon district), which can be reached from the airport by direct bus in 45 minutes. Its main plus, besides the price in the neighborhood of $80, is the clean and comfortable rooms, as the hotel is new. It is conveniently located between two subway stations (Whampoa and Ho Man Tin), which are about a 5-minute walk away (and a free shuttle runs once an hour).

Cheap Hong Kong Kowloon Hotels

Low-cost Hotel Sav in Hong Kong

By the way, guests of hotel Sav are provided with a smartphone with free internet and a navigator in Hong Kong for the duration of their stay. It is very convenient for people who like to walk around the city on foot. It is interesting to walk to Victoria Bay in about 20-30 minutes, visiting McDonald’s or a cafe with Chinese food on the way, or buying inexpensive groceries at the store.

Hong Kong Island hotels

Hong Kong Island Hotels

Hong Kong Centre

On Hong Kong Island, the financial center with its skyscrapers of banks and international companies’ offices, you should settle down if you want to experience the rhythm of life in Asia’s most expensive metropolis. It is no coincidence that the motto of this district is “Work hard, play hard”.

The city center (Central and Wan Chai districts) is not only the business headquarters of Hong Kong, but also one of the main places of nightlife, where the most famous Hong Kong bars and pubs are located, as well as expensive restaurants and the best night clubs. There are also quite a few hotels in different price categories.

Hong Kong Island

The central district of Hong Kong reminded me a lot of Lower Manhattan and Fifth Avenue in New York, with the same ever-hurried white-collar workers and respectable people in expensive business suits. Modern glass-and-concrete skyscrapers tower along the narrow streets, and multilevel crosswalks stand between them. It’s a veritable “city within a city”, with all the money in the world flowing freely.

Central Hong Kong

But Hong Kong Island also has beautiful nature. For first-time visitors to Hong Kong and tourists with time to spare, I suggest taking the cable car up to Victoria Peak. It is a hill with several peaks up to 554 meters in height, which is located on the western part of the island. There are beautiful parks and observation decks there that offer spectacular views of the city.

Choosing a hotel on Hong Kong Island is easy:

    If you want to be in the center of business life, book a room with a panoramic view of the bay at the Grand Hyatt skyscraper hotel near Central Plaza.

Where to stay in Hong Kong: 9 options from 35$

What to see in Hong Kong

Here’s a list of studios and apartments to stay in Hong Kong. Where to stay for sightseeing and how to choose the best and cheapest options.

Look for discounted hotels on Rumguru and private accommodation on Airbnb. Here are the top rules for finding hotels.

Here’s a selection of mid-priced, budget accommodations with good reviews on the Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong Islands, and Lamma Island. It’s a great place to stay for a couple, with a baby, or with friends.

Explore Hong Kong’s best districts and places to stay

Where can I stay in Hong Kong? It depends on the purpose of your visit.

Near the airport. This accommodation is more suitable for those who are in transit and plan to stay in Hong Kong for a short time.

Hong Kong Island. The Central area is packed with the city’s tallest skyscrapers, expensive boutiques and chic restaurants. On the streets you can see stylishly dressed people of different nationalities. Lovers of evening entertainment is good here. True, we must consider that the accommodation will not be cheap.

For a beach holiday, the districts of Repulse Bay or Stanley are ideal. For exploring temples and architectural monuments – the old district of Wan Chai.

Kowloon is the choice of those looking for inexpensive accommodations. The peninsula has less of a Hong Kong vibe, and the buildings do not look as new as they do on the island. The Yau Ma Tei, Sham Shui, and Mong Kok neighborhoods are popular, with a wide variety of budget apartments and guesthouses. Tsim Sha Tsui is the district of Tsim Sha Tsui visited for shopping. Its streets are always full of tourists from China, India, and Pakistan.

Lantau Island . Many people like the inexpensive accommodations in the Muiwo district. It’s the best place to live in Hong Kong if you’re coming to see the Big Buddha.

The islands of Cheng Chau and Lamma appeal to anyone looking for a quieter holiday, cleaner coves and cheap apartments. From the islands to the center of Hong Kong by sea.

Where to stay in Hong Kong

Big Buddha on Lantau Island (Photo: Alex [ www.bytefish.com ] / flickr.com)

How to save money and choose a more comfortable place to live

The city of skyscrapers and green parks has a very high population density. With almost 7.5 million people living in Hong Kong, land is expensive. Compared to other cities in Southeast Asia, housing prices are high – a double room in a 3* hotel costs from $50-60.

Do not even count on spacious accommodation – a typical room has an area of 15 square meters. It fits only a bed and a closet. For accommodations of 30 square meters you will have to pay 2-3 times more expensive.

Here are simple tips for spending less and finding the right accommodation in Hong Kong:

  • Book your favorite accommodations in advance. Exhibitions and conferences are often held in Hong Kong. Lots of people attend them, and all the inexpensive accommodation is taken.
  • Want to live cheaper in Hong Kong? Stay in apartments and self-catering apartments.
  • Conveniently located near subway stations and public transport stations.
  • On the waterfront, choose an apartment or room with a view of the harbor. The price difference is not much, but there will always be a picturesque panorama of the sea.
  • Take housing within walking distance of the attractions. That way you can save on cabs and public transportation.

Look for interesting excursions on Sputnik and Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

Where to stay for sightseeing in Hong Kong

Double-decker streetcars in Hong Kong (Photo: unsplash.com / @popnzebra)

Apartments in the heart of an old neighborhood

Where can I stay in Hong Kong for sightseeing? For inquisitive tourists who are interested in the city’s history, a studio in the Wan Chai district is perfect. It’s located in a building with an elevator near the subway station of the same name.

The white walls and delicate pink décor make the room look lighter. The studio has a table at which it is convenient to work on the computer and a kitchen nook to prepare food. Air conditioning will keep you cool for a good night’s sleep. Rest up and go explore the north side of the island!

The studio is designed for two people. It costs $48 in low season and $85 in high season.

Where to stay cheap in Hong Kong

Bed in an apartment.

Inexpensive Motel in Kowloon.

This popular hotel offers luggage storage, laundry, and shuttle service to the Hong Kong airport. It is just a short walk to Tsim Sha Tsui Subway Station. The pier and Avenue of Stars are within 10 minutes’ walk. A great starting point for self-guided city tours!

Tourists love the cleanliness and new linens. Bright colorful pillows and a bouquet of flowers on the bedroom table add a colorful touch. The room is designed for two people. It costs $35 at any time of year.

Cheap Hong Kong apartments

Motel bed.

Minimalism and amenities with a Jacuzzi.

Where’s the best place to stay in Hong Kong if you plan to spend a lot of time sightseeing? A tiny hotel room will appeal to anyone who appreciates a functional setting. Nothing is superfluous! Just a place to sleep, a table with chairs and a stylish bathroom with a Jacuzzi. Bright interior is enlivened by posters, original clocks and lamps.

There is a cooler with cold and hot water in the hallway. The Tsim Sha Tsui area has plenty of good restaurants to eat in and stores to shop in.

The room is for two people. It costs $42 in low season and $49 in high season.

Where can the tourist get cheap accommodation in Hong Kong?

Bed in the room.

Lodging near a convenient transportation hub

Want to be mobile and get everywhere? Here’s a budget hotel in Kowloon. It’s in a bustling downtown area, close to the Mong Kok subway station and the bus stop that runs to the airport. Just step out the door and you’re at the hub of Hong Kong life – near the restaurants and stores of bustling Mong Kok Nathan Road.

The room size is small. However, there is a comfortable one-and-a-half bed and a private bathroom with new fixtures and fittings. This is a hotel, so daily cleaning and linen changes are guaranteed. If you would like the room to have windows, let us know at the time of booking.

The room is for two people. It costs $40 in low season and $70 in high season.

Where to stay in Hong Kong as a tourist


Apartments near parks

Where should you stay in Hong Kong if you like walking through green parks? We recommend an apartment near Yau Ma Tei Metro Station. It is an easy walk to Chery Street Park and King’s Park. Take a 5-minute subway ride and enjoy the great scenic Kowloon Park. Downtown is less than 20 minutes away.

The kitchenette has a microwave and electric stove, so you can easily cook at home. The lodging is for two people. It costs $60 in low season and $75 in high season.

Bed Mini Kitchen.

Apartment for a family.

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Hong Kong with kids, we recommend a cozy two-bedroom apartment near Wan Chai subway station. New furniture, nice minimalism and a washing machine. There is a convenience store in the building. Cook in the kitchen or eat at a nearby restaurant. Walking distance to several parks, the Arts Center and the huge Central Plaza shopping mall.

Accommodations are for four to six people. It costs $78 in low season and $125 in high season.

Mini Lounge Double Bed

Holidays near the beach

If shopping and fun don’t come first, rent a place on Lamma Island in a quiet cove. A great place to visit Hong Kong! There’s a cozy beach and restaurants that serve delicious seafood dishes within 5 minutes. The skyscrapers and bustling entertainment is an easy 25-minute swim away.

The studio is designed for three people. It costs $65 in low season and $77 in high season. The price includes breakfast.

Work Area Bed.

Large studio in the north of Hong Kong Island

For families and friends, accommodations near the North Point subway station are suitable. There’s a cheap market nearby that sells fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and seafood every day. You can cook in the kitchen.

Accommodations are for four people. In low season it costs $63, and in high season $70. Electricity is paid separately. In addition, guests are charged a deposit of $ 10.

A cozy studio for a group of friends

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Hong Kong with friends, consider a studio in a house that stands in downtown Kowloon. It’s only a couple of minutes from the Mongkok East subway station. There are many restaurants and shopping malls around. There is an elevator in the building. This will be immediately appreciated by anyone who likes to walk for a long time. Use a stove and a kettle for cooking.

The lodging is designed for 4-6 people. It costs $56 in low season and $92 in high season.

Where to stay in Hong Kong as a tourist

Mongkok East Subway Station

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