Zakynthos: Zakynthos reviews & tips for your vacation – 2022

Zakynthos – tourist reviews

Reviews about Zakynthos, based on personal experience. Which cities in Zakynthos are worth visiting and why, general pros and cons. What to pay attention to those who are going to visit Zakynthos for the first time. Which cities should be chosen for a family vacation and which ones for a youth vacation and why? What is of most interest to tourists, recommendations from the experience of my trip.

As often happens in my life, the best things in it come not by plan, but by coincidence – random, unexpected, initially even stressing me out. But this time I was lucky – Zakynthos turned out to be such a good place to stay that I fell in love with Greece again.

I had a lot of phases of relations with this country – at first I was crazy about cheap tours from Moscow, flew often, on the cheapest tickets, making out long Schengen trips. Then I discovered other Mediterranean countries and realized that Greece was not so good. Then I fell in love with it again, realizing how cheap everything is here, and the water is unreal beautiful! And after a couple more of these stages I found Zakynthos, a place where dreams of ordinary tourists come true.

Zakynthos became known to many people only because of one bay, the photos of which many people put on their desktop in 2016. Then many magazines wrote about Zakynthos, although before this place as if it did not exist in the world. At least for the Russian public, so it seems to me.

What to see in Zakynthos

  • The bay and beach of Navajo/Navagio/Navagio are available in Zakynthos in a boat tour format. There are usually 15 to 30 tourists on the boat here, a third will be Russians, half are English and the rest are Europeans and Greeks. If you want the water to be really warm, go only in August. The rest of the time it’s a little chilly for my taste.
  • The Blue Caves are a natural attraction where they also take tours by boat. Diving and snorkeling are available. Located on the Cape Skinari, the caves are about 2-4 meters deep, which is not much, but very, very beautiful, you can see the stones at the bottom! In fact, it is a natural spa with mineralized water with calcium!
  • Zakynthos town on the island of Zakynthos is the place where almost all tourists stay. The coastal area here is about 15 kilometers, which is a lot, there are also carriage turtles and a lot of birds. In the 17th and 18th century France and Turkey fought for Zakynthos and since 1864 it is Greek again.
  • Marathonisi Turtle Island is a great retreat for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. It is a must-visit! For example, with a guided tour.
  • Strofady is a wild place, coves and old cabins, small islands. There are abandoned ancient landmarks here! There is a temple built for a Byzantine empress, lots of birds, and a deep history of the place, full of pirates and the greatest rulers and saints of their time. And today there are only 60 monks living on the islands of Strophada.
  • The Ionian Sea is also available on other beaches, not only on the legendary Navajo! For example, the beach of Heraklos (yellow-sandy, with a rock) is located on the eastern part of the island, south of Zakynthos town. Porto Roxa is a unique place with unreal beautiful water, hard to reach, on the west side of the island. My favorite beach is Xigia, it’s located in the north of the island, it’s really small, but very beautiful! There are around 50 beaches on the island!
  • Water Village (in Sarakinado village, 4 km from Zakynthos) is a beautiful water park of Zakynthos, designed in Greek style. There is plenty of space for adults and children.
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To go or not to go

I would advise you to definitely visit Greece. But in my opinion, if you have never been here, you should not start with the cheapest option or what is offered in the travel agency in your city, but with the best one. go to Mykonos or Santorini, and then you will get Greece as from the picture, not just an island Greece, as it really is.

Do I go with children?

I’ve said before in my other reviews, guidebooks and reviews that going to Greece with kids is a challenge. The absence of greenery and shade, white houses, blinding the eyes, will make the baby to cry even at 11:30, when the real heat just starts at 13:00! The water, of course, warm, and the beaches are good, but it’s not just about that. Plus, there are a lot of small hotels in Greece, without a wide range of services, although there are large, relatively comfortable. Because of the topography of the movement between districts and cities in Greece is not as convenient as in Turkey. In general, on all points, it is easier to vacation with children in Turkey, especially with a 5* hotel on the first line or in European cities such as Marmaris.


Alternatives in Greece – it is always Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes (for Russian tourists). These resorts are familiar to us and many are already loved. Rhodes is the cheapest, Santorini the most expensive, but in principle it all depends on your tour, everything could be different.

Alternatives around the world and at a similar price are my favorite Turkey, available without visas, and the Republic of Cyprus, which has its own shortcomings. The tour operator will definitely offer you dirty and scary Egypt. Don’t agree ☺ Choose between Greece and Turkey!

Bottom line

“Greece is good,” is how all tourists should say. It’s cheap and beautiful, the sea is great, the feeling of freedom and spaciousness because you’re on an island. But I really dislike Athens – all that graffiti, dirty alleys, apartments underground on the basement – it looks intimidating. I don’t like some of the mainland resorts by the sea either. The islands are so much better!

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Zakynthos hotel reviews

It’s a horror, not a hotel. We are here now. Never wrote a review But this is a blast. The food – the dining room selection is so meager that you try to get there early to eat something, at least a warm meal. It’s kind of like a hotel. Read more

First time in this hotel, everything was super, loved it.Beautiful and clean area, tasty food and very friendly staff. Rooms are lovely with a private balcony. I would recommend everyone to stay in this hotel. Read more

View wonderful balcony best on 3C Did not like : breakfast tired room, bad towels, bed linen in holes, need to renew everything soon. Read more

I had a week stay at this hotel. I really enjoyed everything, all the food was very good and varied! Clean rooms and cleaning has to be booked a day in advance. Very friendly and smiling staff that. Read more

We took an improved room with a view of the garden. The room was on the 1st floor, the shower cabin is marked with a rim, without a door or even a curtain, when you take a shower – all flooded with water, of toiletries. Read more

Beautiful view, comfortable sun loungers on the terrace and on the beach. Soft bed, big mirror. Nice girl who cleans the rooms. When complained about the dirty floor on the terrace when checking in, all is well. Read more

Beautiful beautiful new apartments (we lived in the Iris apartment on the first floor), one room with a kitchenette (fridge, coffee maker, kettle), shower, toilet and terrace with sun beds. View from the first floor. Read more

Perfect! Dakis Studios is up to my expectations for a great stay (but not for the compatriots who have fan fingers). The hotel is small, family run, simple, beautiful, very. Read more

The staff are friendly and helpful with all questions. The breakfast at the beautiful cafe at the hotel was excellent. The hotel is on the central square, the location is convenient, but it is also noisy, which is a minus. Minuses. Read more

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The main advantage of this hotel is its location – the sea in this location is great (especially for holidays with children). Cons : We (me, wife and daughter) spent two weeks this year from 10.08.2021. Read more

Took all, food tasty, drinks poured – not spared (locally produced). There is fruit, melon and watermelon. Meat is tasty, but the cook does not know how to cook lamb. Read more

Very nice dinners) What did not like : At night it is impossible to understand what kind of hotel it is, the hotel name is not lit in the dark, three hours we could not understand if it was our hotel or not, because Google led in a different direction. Read more

The staff is friendly and helpful, good location, generally good cleaning every day, we even had the beds joined and made as one What didn’t like : Old plumbing with rust. Read more

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