Pattaya’s Adult Shows: 6 Most Popular

Pattaya’s Adult Shows: 6 Most Popular

Beaches and excursions are not only in Pattaya, but also in other Thai resorts. They do not go to Sin City for beach entertainment. Tourists are attracted by a special atmosphere of serenity and freedom. Where to go in Pattaya in the evening? Learn about the best shows for adults.

The Tiffany Show

Price : 850-950 baht.

The history of the oldest adult show in Pattaya began in 1974. At first it was a theater of one actor. The idea of cross-dressing so pleased the audience that the show quickly changed and grew with new numbers. Now there are more than 100 artists in the Tiffany’s show. The cabaret theater shows traditional dances of the peoples of the world, parodies on stars and sings songs from different countries.

Photos of Tiffany Show visitors

Alcazar Show

Price : 450-500 baht.

Alcazar is considered by many to be the best show in Pattaya. The cabaret appeared on Second Street in 1981 and very quickly became a landmark of the resort. Many cannot believe their eyes, but in the exotic performance Alcazar not a single woman takes part. For an hour, disguised transvestites entertain the audience with bright music and chic costumes.

Photos of visitors to the Alcazar show

Alcazar in Pattaya

Alcazar show. Photo: Grigoriy Pisotckii /

Colosseum show.

Price: regular seats – 300 baht, VIP seats – 500 baht. The shows starts at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The Colosseum is one of the most modern and large scale drag shows in Pattaya. The building, which looks like a Roman landmark, was built on Tepprasit Street more than 5 years ago. Inside is an auditorium with 1,250 seats. Guests are treated to a 75-minute performance. Magical dances, fast changes of scenery, dynamic lighting and bright costumes. It will not be boring!

Photos of visitors to the show “Colosseum.

There are aunts as uncles and uncles as aunts

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Hibrid Show Kaap.

Price : 900-1200 baht. The show is for 90 minutes.

Kaan’s hybrid extravaganza is not like other adult shows in Pattaya. Lively performance of the actors replaced by dangerous stunts and incredible special movie effects. The audience is invited to join the fantastic adventures of young Kaan and find with him an enchanted key. According to reviews, the Kaan Show program is one of the best at the resort.

Siracha - Pattaya without tourists

Kaan Hybrid Show

X show 69

Price : 380 Baht for 2 tickets. If ordering for one, additional 200 baht.

Did you know that the drums can be played with more than just drumsticks? Go to the most popular erotic show in Pattaya and you will see what the bodies of ladyboys look like, watch the dance of drag queens with elements of striptease and fire show. After the shocking erotic extreme on the stage is breathtaking!

The Pattaya sex show takes place at the Big Eye concert hall, a 10 minute walk from North Street. From 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. the program repeats every 45 minutes.

Photo of visitors to “X show 69”.

Queues of Chinese tourists at the show.

X show 79

Price : 650 Baht for 2 tickets. If ordering for one, extra 200 baht.

At a new erotic performance in Pattaya, the most daring fantasies become reality. The audience is surprised by a spectacular drum show, performances of ladyboys with elements of striptease, sex on a motorcycle and a frank dance with a snake. The program is interactive. If you are not afraid of juicy adventure – get in the front rows!

Tips for Tourists

The shows for adults in Pattaya are not of interest to everyone. We are not big fans of the lip-synching and dancing, so we did not go to the cabaret shows. Our friends, on the contrary, were pleased with the magnificent costumes and the fact that the transvestites sang in Russian.

During a tour of the tropical park Nong Nuch, you must have seen a Thai folklore show. Most of its performers are transvestites. The transvestite show is part of the tour of the Baan Sukhawadee Chicken King Palace. If you liked it, Tiffany’s and the Coliseum will also leave a good impression.

Any show in Pattaya is easy to get to on your own – by sunteo or cab. It is advisable to buy a ticket from a travel agency. You will be picked up from your hotel and brought back after the show.

Prices for the show at the resort’s travel agencies are about the same, you shouldn’t be short-changed. If you want to save money, book your tickets through the popular Klook service. Here, admission to the Alcazar show is 480 baht, Tiffany’s is 800 baht, and the Colosseum is 700 baht. After you register and pay by card, a voucher will be sent to your e-mail. Just show it on your smartphone screen when you enter!

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At any erotic shows in Pattaya children are not allowed. At sex shows are not allowed to bring phones and cameras. At the entrance of all awaits a strict inspection. If you see a gadget, they will take it away for the duration of the show.

Erotic Shows in Pattaya

Chicken King Sukhawadee Palace (Photo: CHATCHAI-ROMBIX /

Thailand Adult Show (“show 69”) – review

What is going on there? What kind of performances are there, what does the hall look like, what do the performers do, where to get tickets cheaper than at the box office, and is it even worth going to it? Review of the show in April 2019

Being in Thailand and already knowing that in tourist spots in Pattaya there are shows for adults, where artists are not just naked in public, but also do various shocking things with their sexual organs, I wanted to go and see it with my own eyes. According to stories of friends, transfers from the Internet, I knew approximately what should happen on stage, and it was true that things were shocking and extraordinary.

This show is located near the shopping center “Terminal21”. Located on the dolphins in the northern part of Pattaya . Find the building where the show is held is not difficult, but for some reason the application “Maps Me” it got mixed up with some already disappeared cafe in 1.5 km from the real location and we had to walk 3 extra kilometers in the heat, but eventually we still got to this show (although, apparently, fate sent us signs from above that it is not worth it and it’s better to just stroll around).

The price on the Internet was shown everywhere in the region of 500 baht (1000rub) per person. There were proposals for 400 baht if you buy 2 tickets. When ordering on the Internet and through travel agencies in the price included transfer to and from the hotel, this on the one hand is very convenient, because you do not need to get yourself on tuk-tuks and on foot, but on the other hand is an organized tour and you told in advance the time when you need to leave back, that is to walk after the show there will not work, only if pre-agreed to cancel the transfer on the way “back. We were afraid to book such an excursion on the internet, and we didn’t have time through a travel agency, because we decided to go to the show on the last day and decided to buy tickets on the spot. Oh, what an unpleasant surprise awaited us there: it turned out that when buying at the box office price of 800 baht (1600 rubles) per person.

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Shooting at the show is strictly prohibited and punishable by a fine (if I’m not mistaken, 1000 baht) and at the entrance collect cell phones in a bag, give a number and put away phones at the ticket office. Bags at the entrance are checked. Before entering the hall there is a large queue, mostly of Chinese. There are men and girls, young and old alike. The line was a little scary and frustrating, but after a short wait we got into the hall very quickly.


The thing is that the show is a set of small sketch scenes (about 5 minutes long, maybe less, some are bigger), going in a circle, there are about 8 of them. After each sketch, there is a break for those who have already watched all the sketches to leave and new viewers to come in. Once the sketch you’ve already seen is repeated, it’s time to leave. There are five people in the hall who help us find vacant seats and keep order so no one films, shining flashlights on those who have to leave. They didn’t shine the lights on us, we left on our own. Perhaps they lost sight of us, because we had to move a few times to a closer seat, because from the very beginning we only got seats in the last rows.

The hall itself is something like a circus arena – in the middle is a small long stage and around the rows are 10 seats. There is a pole on one side of the stage all the time, and a horizontal sports ladder with sports rings on the other side.

As far as I have heard before, it is better not to sit on the front rows if you do not want to participate, because the performers themselves pull to the stage or you can become an involuntary participant when something launched at you from the most intimate of human places. But at the April 17, 2019 performance when I was there, even the front rows were quite safe . Maybe because it was the last round of skits and the actors were tired and not trying hard enough, but during the entire duration of the show I had the feeling that the actors were really tired. Like animals in a circus they performed learned commands-movements absolutely without any soul and any interest and excitement in their eyes. They came up to the first rows of spectators and offered to touch themselves in different places (and here the excitement was in the eyes of the spectators who ran to the actors to touch them and were really upset when they had no time and the actor was already back on the stage). In fact, there were not many actors who wanted to participate, and often the actors called on stage to take part in the sketch, but everyone refused to go.

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The stage has a retractable podium on which the scenery changes. The podium goes down, the scenery changes, and the stage slides back up. Then it’s a billiard table where two men are trying to score balls with something instead of a cue, under the supervision of a strict transvestite. Then it’s a tea party table where two volunteers from the audience are called in, a girl lies on the table (but that’s not accurate), sushi is placed on various parts of her body and the volunteers eat sushi off the girl’s body (or whatever it is). Basically, the skits are actors walking around the stage to music and at the end the actors undress.

There is a performance by three transvestites (similar to the “Alcazar” part of the show, where they just walk around the stage to the music in bright carnival costumes with feathers, walking barely, apparently, because of the heavy headgear), and then undress (by the way, there is a European-looking ladyboy among them).

There’s a number with drums, where several young men beat the drums with their reproductive organs under the supervision of the same stern transvestite.

There’s a performance where volunteers are called on stage to touch girls, undress them, and act out sexual intercourse with them. Then the pretty girl, with whom the volunteer is having fun, is replaced by a less pretty and more lush one, who also twirls around the poor volunteer in various ways and sits on his face with her ass, or something else… The happy Chinese guy, happy at first, when the pretty artists let him take off his underwear, shining with happiness, left the stage not so happy after the change of girls to this peculiar lady.

There is another performance of guys with hoops, in my opinion the most impressive and shocking. But it is shocking not because of its vulgarity or perversity, but just because of really good acrobatic technique: the artists twirl hoops on their waists, arms, legs, while swinging on the rings, crossing on the ladder, even lined up one after another (leaning back with hand on the knee of standing artist) they synchronously twirl the hoops.

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That’s it. That’s the most impressive part. There were no birds flying out of girls, no mice, no cigarettes, no blades, no darts with which they synchronously hit a flying balloon. And these are the things people who went to similar shows before told me. I found information on the Internet that checks by the authorities and very explicit scenes were removed from the repertoire. We were in the period of the Thai New Year, maybe so there was nothing provocatively explicit and shocking, but judging by the latest reviews on the Internet such a show has long been the norm and my visit is no exception.

In total, the viewer spends about 45 minutes in the hall. As I wrote above, the performance itself lasts about 3-5 minutes, after it ends, the stage moves down to change scenery, lights go out and only ultraviolet lighting is left, change the audience. This dark break sometimes lasts longer than the performance itself, creating a kind of intrigue: what happens next? But then nothing much happens.

Is a performance where girls and guys with stony faces and a tired look are just undressing worth that kind of money? In my opinion, categorically not.

Paying to be able to touch and touch an artist? Well, that’s just it.

Sit half the time in a darkened hall?

I don’t recommend you to visit this show, but if you want to buy it, I advise you to buy the excursion in travel agency, because the price will be much cheaper and the transfer will be included.

And in order not to get depressed for your time and money you will be given a small packet of water in a glass on the way out.

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